Monday, 16 May 2011

OPI Fiercely Fiona

This has been on my want list for a while, it is from the OPI Shrek Forever After Collection which came out last Summer. I have a few of the other colours and love the formula so decided to get this one too as I didn't own a good yellow. I got mine from ASOS on sale £7.35. I love it. The formula is just how I'd hoped it would be, the same consitency as the other Shrek polishes I own - all two coats. It doesn't streak at all and applies evenly and levels itself out. The colour really appeals to me, I think it works well on my skintone and isn't too yellow, instead being more of a primrose yellow, making it more wearable. I've taken it off today and I miss it so I think this is going to become a favorite for me. Yellow is also a trend colour for this Summer with Chanel bringing out their yellow Mimosa nail polish soon.

So do you like yellow nail polish?

- Jennifer


  1. I see you have a lot of OPI's reviews! Why do you like OPI so much? I'm writing a review for an italian OPI contest and I'd like to have some OPInions ^^

  2. xasperadastra: I like OPI because I find their formula easy to work with, the Pro Wide brush is the perfect width to get an easy application as it fits along the nail bed well, less passes with the brush so a more even finish. It also makes things quicker. They dry well so I'm not sitting around for ages. I like the bottle design as the cap is comfortable to hold unlike chunky squared caps or large round caps. I love the colour range, that they bring out new colours which are bang on up to date with the latest trends, lots of different finishes. They're a professional brand and I find I can get a decent manicure with them. I also love their treatments such as Nail Envy and their Avoplex oil, I swear by them as they've stopped my nails being a peeling mess.

    OPInions made me laugh :D

    Good luck with the contest! x

  3. thanks a lot I'll let you know when I post my review of Absolutely Alice and the white shatter! ^^

  4. Oh I wish I had Absolutely Alice. Do you have Mad As A Hatter? I missed out on those :( I look forward to your review, I bet they will look really good together. I've got a review coming up on the new Barry M crackle colours (not sure if you can get them in Italy), there is a white available in them.

  5. here's my OPI review!!!


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