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Glossybox April 2012

A lot of people seem to be saying the same thing about the delivery of this box, it took such a long time for them to send it... not to mention that they took money way before they dispatched it. I wasn't happy about that and I don't think it is very professional.

Anyway, Aprils box is the natural edition. It contains environmentally friendly products which are natural or mostly natural all contained in a recyclable box and packaging. When I initially saw other people's boxes I wasn't that impressed but when I got mine, I liked it much better fortunately.

My box contained:

Ayuuri Natural Sandalwood Body Wash.
Glossybox description: 'The Ayuuri Natural skincare range is based on fruit, plant and flower extracts that have long been used in India to enhance skin's natural beauty.'

I'm not really that familiar with sandalwood, I'm not entirely sure how it smells. This smells quite soapy really, it has some sweetness and and underlying woodiness which I assume is the sandalwood. It's nice and is quite unisex. It isn't a strong scent either and I am happy with it. Other people received the coconut scented body wash but I'm glad I got this one instead as coconut is not a favourite of mine. This bottle is 200ml so is a substantial size. It seems it is a full size product according to the website pictures which also show the same volume but state that they are 235g in the description. It retails at £4.95.

Available at www.ayuuri.co.uk

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum
Glossybox description: 'This newly-launched ultra-concentrated serum is extremely natural and plant-based, ensuring your skin never lacks moisture.'

I'm quite intrigued to try this, I have quite dry skin which I often have problems with. After I've used this for a while I will do a review on it. I'm hoping for good results. I love the packaging and the range looks beautiful. It sounds so high-tech compared to what I am used to using so I'm interested in looking at the range after testing this product out. This is 1/3 of the full size, containing 10ml of product compared to 30ml in the full size pump. A really good size to try out the product properly rather than piddling around with a stupid little pot which will only last 1-2 days and not give you any idea of how it is going to really work. The full size retails at £29 so this sample is worth around £9.66!

Available at www.caudalie.com/uk/ and feelunique.com

Inika Cosmetics Certified Organic Eye Liner in 06 Coco
Glossybox description: 'A rich and creamy consistency unparallelled in the world of natural liners.'

I've never used a natural eye liner so I can't compare the consistency to others but it is a soft creamy liner which isn't too creamy. It can be used for precision but it does smudge so might be best to use on the waterline or for smudgy eye liner or just a little definition between the lashes. I don't think it will work that well for creating strong cat liner flicks and it also might need to be set with some eye shadow to make it longer lasting. I like the colour, other people got black or a navy but I'm glad I got a brown which is dark. I don't like light brown liners as I have such dark hair and lashes that I just find they aren't dark enough to work on me. The full size retails at £11.75.

Available at http://inikacosmetics.co.uk/

Kai Perfume Oil
Glossybox description: 'Our intoxicating signature perfume oil fragranced with Kai's light, intoxicating blend of gardenia wrapped in white exotics.'

I'm not really interested in this fragrance at all. It is white floral and I'm not really a fan of those sorts of scents. It isn't as strong as most white florals I've smelt though. It wont be something that I will be buying in the future and the price is so high for the amount that you get. The full size holds 3.6ml and retails for £41! So expensive!

Available at http://www.cultbeauty.co.uk

Figs & Rouge Balm for lips, face and body in Rambling Rose
Glossybox description: '100% Pure, 100% Natural & 100% Organic Multipurpose balm. Excellent for Soothing & Naturally Hydrating dry Lips & Skin.'

I got the Rambling Rose scented balm and it is rather strong smelling, really similar to Turkish delight. There were other scents in the boxes which I would have preferred but it is the luck of the draw with Glossybox. The balm has a strange texture, I was expecting it to be harder than it is. It is quite soft and slightly gritty. I've tried it on my lips and I don't find it that moisturising on my lips. I get very dry lips and especially at the moment when I've got a cold. This balm just isn't enough for me and the scent is quite off putting around my mouth. I don't mind strong rose in the bath or perfume/skincare but not so much around my mouth apart from a select few lip products which aren't that strong. I do like the vintage style packaging though.

Available at feelunique.com

Did you get Glossybox this month? What did you think of yours?

Jennifer xx

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