Friday, 18 March 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Mighty Aphrodite Blush Review

The blushers in the Wonder Woman collection are duos, they both have one larger colour and one smaller shade. One blusher is pink based while the other is coral based - I bought the coral one, Mighty Aphrodite.

One shade of Mighty Aphrodite is a peachy coral with a pearl finish and the other side is a bright pink coral with a pearl finish. This blush duo is supersized to be the same size as a Beauty Powder, it has almost double the amount of product to a regular MAC blusher. These shades are very nice and well pigmented and I think they would work especially well on warm skin tones, cooler skin tones might prefer the other blush duo - Amazon Princess. I really like the lighter shade on my skintone, the darker one needs a light hand as it can easily look overpowering. You can also swirl the two shades together to make a middleground colour.

One gripe about these duos is that the smaller part is difficult to get a brush in to pick up the colour without getting the other shade on it. I would have prefered that they had made the colours even in size - although as I prefer the lighter shade that means I get more of that to use.

Overall, I do like these colours although I don't see myself using the darker shade much as I think it is quite bright but if I was wearing a very neutral look it would be okay to add a bit of colour.

Photos and swatches...


Sorry about the awful quality of the swatch photo, if anyone wants to see a clearer one, let me know and I will retake it (I took it from too far away so it is a bit small).

- Jennifer

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