Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Models Own Smash-up (Crackle) Polishes!

Models Own are bringing out their own range of crackle polishes called Smash-up. These are another product they have created alongside WAH Nails and will be available in 9 shades. I am pretty excited for these, some of the colours are the same sort of thing as Barry M/OPI/China Glaze but there are a few that do look unique like the yellow, orange and purple. I am especially excited for the silver as I would like to get the OPI silver shatter but this looks like a nice cheaper alternative! I think the orange and turquoise would look fantastic together over coordinating nail colours where you could have turquoise and orange shatter over the top and vice versa. I am intriged to see how opaque the yellow is going to be as yellow can sometimes be a bit sheer so would be great if it turns out to be really pigmented.

You can see more about them at and they will be available from April from there and some shades in Boots.

What do you guys think? Any colours stand out to you?

- Jennifer


  1. woww exciting i love my barry m crackle polish. So these are all colours that will be crackle polishes? (just to make sure lol) x

  2. Rachy: I should have put a link up to Models Own's website as they have the info on there but I have added that now. These are all crackles, I don't know if they will bring more out later on though. For other colours, have you seen China Glaze's shades? I will be doing a review on some of the colours soonish but those ones are limited edition so you'd need to snap them up if you wanted them.


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