Monday, 5 March 2012

MAC Shop Cook Cremeblend Blushes

I have a thing for cream blushes at the moment, I like the way they look on the skin, they give such a nice natural finish and you have the option to mattify them a bit with some powder. They are easily buildable and can be worn on lips too or even on eyelids if you wish!

There are three cremeblend blushes in this collection, two are repromotes (Florida and Optimistic Orange) and the other is brand new (Restores Dazzle).

They are all beautifully pigmented and glide on effortlessly. They blend out really easily so even though they are so pigmented, you can use them sheerly too.

Packaging (outer cardboard sleeve only - the rest is MAC's usual black packaging)

Clockwise from bottom left: Florida, Restores Dazzle, Optimistic Orange

L-R: Optimistic Orange, Florida, Restores Dazzle. Below the swatches are the same colours blended out.

Optimistic Orange

Restores Dazzle

Any of these colours stand out to you? I really like Optimistic Orange, it is actually really flattering.

Jennifer x


  1. Oh I like the look of Florida, I'm a lover of pink :D x

    1. It is really nice and even though it is so so so bright, it is still a wearable shade.


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