Thursday, 20 January 2011

Katy Perry OPI collection

When I found out about this collection I did a little oooh! I'm not a huge fan of Katy Perry but I like a few of her songs and I like how she is quirky and cool. I was really looking forward to seeing the colours and when I did, I wasn't disappointed. The glitters were gorgeous especially.

L-R: Last Friday Night, Not Like The Movies, The One That Got Away,
Teenage Dream and Black Shatter
 The collection is made up of two glitters (Last Friday Night and Teenage Dream), one duochrome (Not Like The Movies) and one metalic shimmery shade (The One That Got Away).

Last Friday Night: This is a gorgeous blue glitter in a jelly base. The glitter is like opal stones, the way they change colour which is probably one of the reasons I am drawn to it as they are favourite gemstones. The glitter changes from blue, green, turquoise and dark blue. It really is a fantastic colour, it seems to glow from within but the only thing that I was disappointed with is it's sheerness. The colour on the nail is much sheerer than in the bottle and I was expecting that bright blue shade. Due to the sheerness, you have to apply a few coats (I used four) to get it opaque and even then, it isn't as dark as the bottle. It still is lovely though, the sheerness shows the opalescent glitter off to it's best whereas you can't see it well in the bottle.

Not Like The Movies: This is a duochrome which flashes between purple and green although it looks silver in some lights. I wasn't able to get the green or silver in the photos, just the purple but the promotional picture shows this. It is a really nice duochrome and also has metalic shimmer in it. It definately fits with the name, it reminds me of looking through film negatives where you get the weird backwards colours in purples and greens. The colour is slightly sheer and works best with a third coat but it applies smoothly, really nice.

Teenage Dream: This is a light pink glitter with larger holographic glitter particles in it. I wasn't expecting the holographic glitter but wow, it is amazing. This shade is actually quite opaque for a glitter - I used two coats, it does have a coloured base so isn't like the glitters which are only coloured in the glitter itself. It might work for layering but I'm not sure, I'd planned to layer it over a pale pink cream but I think it might mostly cover it. It is incredibly sparkly, it doesn't have a smooth finish so if you can't stand the feel of glitter on your nails then you will need two or three layers of topcoat over it to create the smooth finish.

The One That Got Away: This is a bright fuchsia pink with bright pink shimmer, really pretty, really bright. Love it. Two coats for this one, smooth application but not a high gloss finish. I applied a glossy topcoat to finish it off.

Photos: For all of these I used Leighton Denny Under Cover Base Coat, the number of coats of polish as stated above and Leighton Denny Crystal Finish Topcoat. For the second bunch, I then applied Barry M Instant Nail Effects (same sort of thing as OPI Black Shatter but much cheaper) and another layer of topcoat to give it a gloss finish.
L-R: Last Friday Night, Not Like The Movies, Teenage Dream, The One That Got Away
L-R: The One That Got Away, Teenage Dream, Not Like The Movies, Last Friday Night
This shows the glitters off a bit better, you can see the opal colours in
Last Friday Night and the Holographic glitter in Teenage Dream.
Barry M Instant Nail Effects layered on top - no topcoat so it has a matt finish.

Barry M Instant Nail Effects with Leighton Denny Crystal Finish over the top to get a gloss.
- Jennifer

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  1. Personally I prefer the non glitters, the red looks amazing! Its a shame OPI polishes are so pricey here.


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