Thursday, 13 January 2011

MAC Mickey Contractor Oomph Eyeshadow and Fluidlines

The Mickey Contractor collection also has four single eyeshadows - Marvel (Deep purple with pink pearl), Oomph (Forest green with soft gold pearl), Rani (Bright fuchsia with soft pink pearl) and Saffron (Deep coral caramel). I picked up Oomph because green is my favourite colour and it looked gorgeous.

Having swatched it, it is a little disappointing, the green isn't as vivid in the pan and the shimmer doesn't show up as much as I'd like. It goes on quite 'dusty' looking if you sweep it on so patting is best and some kind of base helps it stick better. It is a veluxe pearl finish which is meant to be very soft but I didn't find this eyeshadow particularly soft or buttery. It is still a lovely colour but you do need to build it up to show it off to it's best otherwise it is mainly just the blackened base colour. It is quite similar to Greensmoke so you might prefer that although I found that Greensmoke is more golden in tone and there is more gold pearl in it. Personally, I prefer Oomph over Greensmoke for the greener tones. In the pan it is closer to Humid but they are very different swatched. If you are looking for something that is going to give roughly the pan colour in application, Humid would be a better choice.

If possible, it would be best to swatch this colour in store to really get a feel of what you're getting. If you are a big fan of green, like me, you might feel swayed enough to buy it anyway, just because it is another pretty green. Strangely, Oomph has slightly less product in it than other eyeshadows - not sure why but it is 0.04oz compared to 0.05oz in the rest.

I haven't tried the other colours so can't comment on them but I have read that there are some pigmentation issues with them also so again, if possible try before you buy.

Swatches and photos.

Oomph - left: swatched alone, right: swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion
Greensmoke, Oomph, Humid
Top left: Greensmoke, bottom left: Humid, middle: Oomph, right: Oomph over UDPP

Next are the Fluidlines. I love these products. I used to be into liquid liner but since discovering Bobbi Brown gel liners, I like to use gel. MAC Fluidlines are similar to the BB ones although I find them creamier and a bit thinner in comparison. That isn't a problem though, they glide on smoothly (provided that you have a decent eyeliner brush - I highly recommend Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eyeliner brush) and boast a lot of pigment. There are two colours in the Mickey Contractor collection - Ivy (bright green with a slight shimmer) and Siahi (Deep teal/turquoise blue). Fluidlines are long wearing, smudgeproof and waterproof yet easy to remove with makeup remover.

Again, because I am a green fiend, as soon as I saw Ivy I wanted to get it and being in a new favourite eyeliner format, it was perfect. It isn't as strongly pigmented as the other two new Fluidlines (Siahi or Dark Diversion from Stylishly Yours) or the Bobbi Brown gel liners I own but it is still lovely. I had to go over the line again to make the green stronger but you may just want a subtle line so it will be fine. When I saw it, I thought it might be similar to Bobbi Brown Ivy Ink but after checking that colour out in store, BB Ivy is darker with gold shimmer to it if I remember rightly (another gorgeous green, worth a look). Fluidlines are cheaper than BB gel liners £13.50 compared to £15 for the same amount of product so that may sway you if you're undecided which green to get.

Siahi is another lovely colour. In the pot it looks more on the navy side and not particularly interesting, however, onced swatched... WOW. This amazing turquoise/teal blue comes out, really pretty. It is more pigmented than Ivy but both have the same smooth formula. I don't know of anything to compare it to, at least not in the gel liner format so if blue is your thing then this would be the one to get.

Left: Siahi, Right: Ivy
L-R: Siahi, Siahi sheered out, Ivy, Ivy sheered out
I think another use for these could be as eyeshadow bases, as shown in the swatch they do sheer out a bit and if you are quick you could probably use them to help stick your eyeshadow before they dry down. Worth a go I think.

- Jennifer

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