Thursday, 16 August 2012

A little... long awaited update

Hi everyone!

Long time, no posting. I've had to put blogging to one side because I've simply not had time to think about it let alone write or take photos. I'm moving house you see, out of my parents and into a flat I am renting with my boyfriend. I've got so much stuff whirling around in my head and the whole thing is just so stressful.

Being people who have never lived away from home, we have had to buy all of the normal household stuff and we are still not finished! It's crazy to think about how much stuff us humans surround ourselves with which back when our cavemen ancestors were around, they didn't have any of it and managed to live.

Because of all of this, my makeup spending has been very very low. Since finding out that our offer had been accepted, I haven't spent anything on makeup. And actually, if I am truthful, it is quite refreshing... oddly. I've got so much makeup and the like that I really need to sort it out and use up what I can. I think once I've moved it will be easier to do so because I will have my own space and can make things to my liking whereas at home in a shared bedroom it is very hard to keep things organised.

The packing... oh my gosh! ARGHHHHHHH!!!!! I've not got any furniture to take as that is with my boyfriend apart from pieces that we have bought and are already at the flat. But what I thought would be a simple task is actually a nightmare. I said before that I've not got much room in my parents house and this is so much worse when you have boxes to stuff. You would think it would be easy to take stuff from one place, pack it up and then put it in another place ready for loading into the car. Nope. So not what I thought.

Also, because I can't drive, I am relying on my Mum to take my stuff to the flat. Luckily it is Summer holidays at the moment so she is not working... I however am so I've not had much time to sort things. And even though our car is quite big, it is going to take at least two trips. Thankfully I'm only moving about a 25 minute drive away.

So I've got to be sorted and packed by Saturday morning, then I am off. Then I have to unpack it all and assemble the flat pack furniture. Can't wait...

I am so glad that I am doing this with my boyfriend though, if I was on my own I would be going crazy. Or crazier than I am going anyway haha.

Soooooo.... Once I've moved in and sorted all of the unpacking and adjusting, I still wont be able to post as I wont have any internet until we sort that out.

Anyway, if you managed to get to the end of my waffle and moaning, thanks and I will get a post up as soon as I can :)

Jennifer xx
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