Thursday, 19 July 2012

MAC Heavenly Creature - Mineralize Skinfinish Review

Clockwise from top left: Earthshine, Centre of the Universe, Light Year, Star Wonder
I love Mineralize Skinfinishes. Ever since I discovered them, I've been a bit of a collector so I get quite excited for new ones to come out. Heavenly Creature brought four new swirly pans of goodness and of course, I purchased them all.

They are all lovely and have very good textures. There's no chunky glitter in them like some MSFs have. They apply smoothly and look so beautiful on the skin.

Centre of the Universe
Centre of the Universe is a gorgeous golden glowy shade and works nicely as a bronzey blush. It looks really flattering, love it.

Earthshine is the only one that I'm just not sure on. I'm not sure how to use it really as it is quite dark and muddy on my skin tone. I might end up using it as an eyeshadow. I've tried it as a bronzer and I'm not quite convinced it works for me. I need to do more testing with it to find a way to make it work for me

L-R: Earthshine,  Earthshine blended, Centre of the Universe, Centre of the Universe blended
Star Wonder

This is a pretty pink shade which works well as a blush. It gives a soft glow and golden sheen to the skin. It would work on most skin tones.

Light Year
Light Year is a light peach shade with gold shimmer. It works more as a highlighter on me but can also be layered over blush. It is super pretty and is not a glittery highlight.

L-R: Star Wonder, Star Wonder blended, Light Year, Light Year blended
I really like these. Some people say that they find MSFs hard to wear because they can enhance pores due to the glitter in them. Try these, they might be easier to wear. I don't have noticeable pores so I can't say for myself. If I had to pick one only, I'd pick Star Wonder as the pink is very easy to wear and is the smoothest and most pigmented.

Jennifer xx


  1. I got them all too! Just couldn't resist it :)

  2. I have loved this collection! Star wonder is my favorite but I also got the lovely light year ^^

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