Thursday, 8 March 2012

Goodbye Google Friend Connect

Since the beginning of March, Google Friend Connect has been disabled on many blogs which are not on the Blogger platform. This includes Wordpress and others. These blogs are now seeing a massive decrease in traffic which is such a shame. They have also lost a lot of followers. Some of these blogs might be your favourites - or even your own. I'm lucky because my blog is hosted by Blogger so this has not affected me directly but there are blogs missing from my Google Dashboard which I have has to re subscribe to through another format. It is very annoying and why Google have done this is beyond me.

Please help these blogs but checking your reading list for any non Blogger blogs which may be missing and follow them through an alternate means. You can use:

Facebook (if they use it)
Twitter (if they use it)
Hello Cotton
email subscriptions
Google Reader
and possibly others which I don't know of.

Also, if you are a blog owner who uses another platform other than Blogger, this will explain why you may be experiencing less traffic. Make sure you sign up to the twitter list that Lipglossiping and Liloo have created so others can see that you have been dumped by GFC and hopefully your readers will come back.

The best thing that everyone can do is the get the word out so that hopefully nobody gets left in the lurch.

You can read more about it at these blogs:
Le Petit Jardin de Liloo

Jennifer x

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  1. hey doll! i saw you over on a friends page and wanted to say i love your blog! especially the blue background you have, very pretty and springy!

    anyway --- am now your newest follower!
    would be delighted if you could follow back ?

    hugs, xo!


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