Monday, 10 October 2011

MAC Fall Colour Collection Mineralize Skinfinishes

This collection is a very exciting collection for a lot of MAC fans, it gives us the re-release of their hard to find Mineralize Skinfinish (MSF) in the colour Lightscapade! These things go for £50 onwards on Ebay so is a highly desirable product from MAC. It also re-releases another MSF, Porcelain Pink. Due to demand of Lightscapade, it is now sold out on MAC's website so if it is something you want, I would suggest giving a counter a call to see if they have any left.

I originally wasn't going to get either of these MSFs, I wasn't sure how well they would show up on my skin and whether they would be worth it to me. After seeing lots of swatches and reading reviews before it came out in the UK I decided that I would get them. There was a lot of hype surrounding Lightscapade and I didn't want to fall into it so had to make sure that they were products I would use. I read descriptions where people were describing it like teeny opals on your skin or rainbows and it sounded so nice. People wearing it looked so fresh and dewy. Porcelain Pink seemed like an iridescent pink sheen on the skin and looked really pretty.

L-R: Lightscapade, Porcelain Pink

Porcelain Pink
First up, Lightscapade. As you can see, mine is lacking a lot of the blue and peach veining that some have as well as most of the old versions of this MSF. I still really like it though. I wasn't able to get to a store to handpick mine so had to order it online and hope for the best. The picture doesn't show much of the veining that it does have (I really need to get a macro lens), there are some little light blue areas.

It swatches as a beigey white with shimmer but when the light hits it it turns into this gorgeous rainbow sparkle (not glitter at all) on the skin. It looks beautiful. It gives the skin a subtle highlight, I'm not a fan of overly shimmery highlights so don't tend to wear highlighters much. This one I can see moving into my everyday routine due to its subtlety.

The powder itself is really smooth, there is no chunky glitter in it at all, the shimmer is fine and flattering, it wont make pores look like dimples everywhere. I used a 188 brush to apply it as I like using the 187 with my MSFs but to stop it from going on a large area, chose the smaller 188. It was easy to blend in and build up where I wanted it. I also tried it on my eyes dry and it gave them a nice subtle sparkle in the sunlight. You can use MSFs wet to get stronger colour so if you wanted more pigmentation on your eyes, you could use it that way.

I think this colour would work on a large range of skintones, even deep dark skin although I would try it in person to be sure that it didn't turn ashy. From reviews by people with dark skin, they've said it still looks lovely on them.

Porcelain Pink is a more multi purpose colour, it can be used as a subtle blush, pink highlight as an eyeshadow. It isn't a straight pink, it has a corally undertone to it so makes it suitable for warm skintones as well as cool skintones. It gives a beautiful pearlescent sheen to the skin, like a pink mother of pearl.

The powder is smooth again but has more shimmer in it than Lightscapade so is more reflective. It has a gold shimmer running through it, some pans may have more than others.

I'm not sure how different this would be on darker skintones so I would recommend trying it in person before buying in case it looks like an average highlighter on you.

L-R: Lightscapade, Porcelain Pink

Top-Bottom: Porcelain Pink, Lightscapade
Excuse the lack of makeup in these pictures, I only have foundation and concealer on other than the MSFs.

Lightscapade applied as cheek highlight - it shows more in person.
Porcelain Pink used as a blush/highlight, high in the cheeks, if you look closely
you can see the pink sheen which again, shows more in person.


  1. The pink looks beautiful on you!

  2. Charlie: Aww thank you :)

    Summer Loren: They really are and they are so flattering.

  3. You have a great blog! :)
    very nice!

    greetings from germany :)


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