Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Franken Polish - 'Robotic' and Ciate Purple Sherbet

This is another franken that I made using silver, holographic silver and gunmetal coloured glitters. I really like how it turned out. It is really simple but I think it is quite effective and will look good over a lot of colours. I think it works really nicely over pastel shades such as Ciate Purple Sherbet as the holographic glitter sparkles in pastel colours. I've named it Robotic because I think the large chunks look like pieces of metal or nuts and bolts and the holographic looks futuristic/sci fi.

Ciate Purple Sherbet was a freebie that I got with Marie Claire magazine. There are two other colours available to choose from too - Lollypop (bright pink with blue shimmer) and Bon Bon (lilac toned neutral nude). I used three coats of Purple Sherbet as my base colour as it was slightly streaky.

Jennifer xx


  1. Have you been able to find a UK supplier of suspension base? I can't seem to find one :( Bex.


    1. Hi Bex, I don't think there are any UK based suppliers who sell to the individual. There are base suppliers that I have found but they only sell to companies - as in people who get their polish made in laboratories as far as I can tell. I read somewhere (can't remember where) that someone contacted www.decorativeindustries.co.uk and they wouldn't sell to them as they were a DIY producer.

    2. However, if you are considering starting up your own business, I have seen this Etsy seller who sells suspension base internationally. It will be very expensive to ship over and the customs will be huge. Plus there is a dangerous goods shipping fee on top. The store is FrankenPolishSupply on Etsy.


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