Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Pink and Blue Leopard Print Nails

I saw these pink and dark blue Barry M polishes in Superdrug and really wanted to use them together in some nail art. I was going to do stripes but then decided to add the other blue in and do some leopard print. I've never freehanded leopard print before and this isn't great - it looks more abstract than leopard print. I liked it all the same though, I really love the colours together. It is so bright and fun. I didn't want to take it off but had to because I cracked my thumb nail and needed to fix it :(

Colours used:
Barry M Flamingo (pink)
Barry M Turquoise (light blue)
Barry M Indigo (dark blue)

Jennifer xx


  1. Oh I like these, a nice change from boring old yellow and brown leopard print! xx

  2. I've just nominated you for a blog award! xx

  3. Awesome job! The nails look fantastic. You did a great job at cleanup around the nail..or youre freakishly good at applying it lol


  4. wow your nails are so cool! i wish i was good at nail art im so shakey and rubbish haha!


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