Thursday, 14 April 2011

Kiss Full Cover Nails - Short Square

I banged one on my nails a couple of weeks ago and it tore in the nail plate area, slightly peeling away. I carried on painting it as normal and it seemed fine but gradually it got worse. Usually I would cut it but due to where the tear was, I couldn't very easily and it would end up looking manky. I bought some nail glue from Superdrug at the weekend to repair it until it grew out enough to be cut. It did a good job at first but while I was playing outside with Harvey (boyfriend's dog), I broke it again while catching a football. It broke almost all the way across so I decided to cut it this time even though it was peeling up from the nail plate and would look horrible. After doing this I filed it down as much as I could and went to buy some false nails so it wouldn't keep catching on things.

I bought the Kiss Full Cover Nails, they come in a pack of 100 in different sizes and are meant to be painted on top as they are a translucent white. Superdrug only had the short square type in stock so I made so with them. My nails are more rounded and a bit longer but there was nothing else that was suitable and plain and I figured I could use the other nails to practice nail art on. Here is a link to ones I bought, they are also available in Active Square and Active Oval, oval would have been better for my nail shape.

They were super easy to apply. I chose the size that fitted best and then filed it to fit just right and made the tip more of an oval shape. Glue is supplied with the nails and you put some onto the nail (make sure you only put it on the area which is going to be stuck down otherwise it will be sticky on the free edge) and some on your natural nail. Then you just position the nail and hold down for 5 seconds, ta da! I filed the edge a little more so I was happy with the shape and then painted it.

Here are some step by step photos.

Manky nail... ewww.

Left: a false nail straight out of the box,
right: shaped to fit my nail bed and the edge made more oval shaped.
Nail applied


The colour I used is Deborah Lippmann Love Shack. It is a bit more peachy in real life.

Kiss say you can leave the nails on for up to 7 days and then you should remove them with an artificial nail remover or by soaking them in acetone nail polish remover so the plastic dissolves. I have some artificial nail remover so I will see how it goes and let you know. I will probably take it off for the weekend so it can breathe and then put another on for work next week.

So far, I highly recommend them, hopefully removal is easy too. They feel very strong on and you can only tell if you know it is there.

- Jennifer

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