Sunday, 10 April 2011

Zebra Funky French Nail Art

I was inspired by something I saw on another blog but can't remember where it was now but I went home and did this. It took me a little while to do it but I was quite pleased with it. I wasn't overly happy with the colours I chose, I thought it was a bit too much and ended up only wearing it for a couple of days, I think it would have been really nice with a bright and a more muted colour to go with it, say two shades of blue.

To do it I used OPI Who The Shrek Are You for the lime green and Model's Own Bubblegum for the neon pink (it looks more red in these photos because cameras don't like neon colours). I used an artist detailing brush (a short thin brush) for the black stripes but I should get a striper brush as it would be easier and hold more colour in the bristles. The black is Rimmel Black Cab, this is a bit watery so there are much better blacks out there.

What do you think?

- Jennifer


  1. Oh I fricking love this! I'm pretty sure I saw it on fuck yeah nail art tumblr, but she links from all different blogs so you may have seen it elsewhere.
    I'm so jealous, you've managed to do it really neat.

  2. They're brilliant, love your use of colours.


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