Thursday, 14 April 2011

MAC Jeanius Collection Picks and Review

I know I've been really slow getting this review up, I suck haha. Sorry. Some of this collection is still available under the Going, Going, Gone section of MAC's website and may possibly be still in stock in some stores. I bought Pink Cult Blush and Indigo Pink Lipglass from this collection. I wasn't too thrilled with the whole thing but thought these were both nice products. I also already had Docile Lipglass which was repromoted from the Fabulous Felines collection last year. I don't have a product photo of this because I forgot but I do have a swatch photo.

Indigo Pink Lipglass and Pink Cult Blush
First up, Docile. This is a very light milky pink with iridescent sparkles. It is very subtle when worn but the sparkle effect is nice. I like this with a smokey eye as it pales my lips a little without going nude. Not a must have item in my opinion but it is still nice. In the Lightfully Bright collection at the beginning of this year, similar type glosses were released.

Next, Indigo Pink Lipglass.
This is a very pretty colour and unlike anything else I have. It is a reddened berry pink and has blue flecks in it which I really like. I think it is a nice take on red if you don't want a postbox shade. I also think it is a year round colour. I'd wear it with the sort of eye makeup I'm wearing in the full face photo, a nude eye.

Top: Docile, bottom: Indigo Pink

Lastly, Pink Cult Blush. I can't see this on the website so hopefully you can get hold of it in store or already have it. It is a neutral rosey pink. It is very pigmented and a perfect barely there flushed shade. It would work so well on a pale skintone especially.

- Jennifer

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