Saturday, 7 May 2011

Bobbi Brown Rich Colour Lipstick Review

When these were announced I was quite excited to try them so when I had a chance a little while ago, I went down to Selfridges to take a look. I ended up coming home with two shades, Bikini Pink (soft white pink) and Mod Pink (bright pink). I didn't have anything like Bikini Pink so I was drawn to that shade and was pleasantly surprised at how it looked on. Mod pink was just a really pretty colour so I got that too. In fact, all of the colours in the line are lovely wearable shades so there should be something to most, if not everybody's taste.

Here is what it says on the Bobbi Brown website about these lipsticks:

"Bright, get-noticed colour. Introducing Rich Lip Color SPF12. Lightweight, yet intense, Bobbi's latest formula combines pigments with a clear base to deliver pure, crisp colour with just one swipe. Plus, it's creamy and moisturising, so lips feel as good as they look."

I couldn't agree more with this, they are so pigmented, you really do get the colour that is in the tube on your lips. They are really comfortable to wear and last a really long time. Darker shades, as always will last longer than lighter shades but I was impressed at how long Bikini Pink lasts on my lips and gradually fades before I need to reapply. I didn't see any bleeding or feathering during wear, they really did stay put.

They have a semi matte finish which helps to keep the lipstick on but they are not drying at all. I found that they can sometimes apply a little dry looking but a few seconds later the lipstick warms up and becomes lovely and smooth and creamy feeling without actually being a creamy lipstick which doesn't last very long. You only need one swipe to get true colour so they will last ages and being so pigmented and firm in the tube, it is easier to get a neat line around your lips (not demonstrated in the photos as I just quickly put them on). It is also nice that they have SPF 12 in them, great for this time of year so you can protect your lips well and not need an SPF balm or sunscreen underneath.

They are scent and taste free so should appeal to everyone. The packaging is typical Bobbi Brown, matte black plastic tubes with the usual Bobbi Brown typography running along it. They twist up smoothly and feel sturdy and well made. The packaging isn't luxurious but I like that because Bobbi Brown is a makeup artist and other artistry brands such as MAC and NARS both have that sleek plain black packaging which doesn't need all of the bells and whistles, the products inside do the talking and there is really no need for expensive packaging. I also like that they are rectangular so that they don't roll off of tables!

I'd like to get a couple of other colour from this line in the future, Guava looks really nice, as does Heather Pink

Swatches after the break...

Outer packaging
Bikini Pink
Mod Pink
L-R: Bikini Pink, Mod Pink
Bikini Pink
Bikini Pink

Mod Pink

Mod Pink
The lipsticks appear glossier in these photos due to the flash, they have more of a matte finish in real life.

I highly recommend these, go check them out!

- Jennifer

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  1. Great review! you have really convinced me i need one of these lipsticks now! love the colours you picked out, both not your typical mac pinks but still very pretty x


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