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OPI Fashionista Today's Special Value from QVC

I am a real fan of QVC's beauty TSVs, they often bring some really gorgeous things and fantastic prices or exclusive products. On the 4th May, QVC had an OPI TSV which was another fantastic offer and I loved.

L-R: Nail Envy, Houston We Have A Purple, Guy Meets Gal-Veston,
You Don't Know Jacques, Silver Shatter
Front:Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go.
This set contains 3 15ml nail lacquers, 1 15ml Original Nail Envy, 1 7.5ml Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go Pen aaaaaannnd the best bit... 1 15ml Silver Shatter! All of this came for the TSV price of £28.78 plus postage. It is still available on waitlist for £35.00 plus £4.45 postage, so if it is something you like the look of, you will need to order it and if it comes back in stock they will send it out to you. It is also available on auto delivery where in 3 months time a second set will be sent out to you with different colours and then in another 3 months time a third set will be sent out (you can cancel at any time). Here is the link for details. I went for this option because I really liked the look of the colours coming out with the next sets and the third one has the new Navy Shatter due for release.

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I was really thrilled that this contained the Silver Shatter because this isn't even out in the UK yet and when I went to transdesign to order the new Pirates collection, they had sold out of the colours I wanted :(

The colours in this set are Guy Meets Gal-Veston - coral sorbet finish (Texas collection), Houston We Have A Problem magenta purple sorbet finish (Texas collection) and You Don't Know Jacques - taupe creme finish (regular line and OPI's best selling colour). All of these colours are lovely. The sorbet finish might take a little getting used to as it did for me but I really like it now.

Guy Meets Gal-Veston - Being the new sorbet finish, it will show your nail line. The sorbets are meant to give a soft finish to bright colour rather than a solid in your face version. They look like jellybeans, semi opaque colour and I think very pretty. I found application of the sorbet finish difficult at first using a colour I had previous to this kit but it was just because I wasn't used to how it applied. With a little practice I've got the hang of it now and I realise that they are supposed to be thin to get that jelly like finish but with two coats they look great. GMGV may need a third coat if you have long nails and really don't like too much of a visible nail line but it wont look as jelly/sorbet like as it does with two coats. If you are using the shatter on top, two coats will suffice because it covers most of the nail line anyway and it wont be noticeable. £10.50 full price.

Houston We Have a Purple - This one is more opaque that GMGV, two coats looked perfect but again, there is a little nail line showing so a third will rid that for good. I like two coats. It also applies smoother than GMGV and I think this is my favourite of them all. £10.50 full price.

You Don't Know Jacques - This is OPI's usual excellent formula, perfect in two coats and gorgeous glossy finish. The colour is really pretty too and the contrast between this and the silver shatter is beautiful. £10.50 full price.
L-R: Houston We Have A Purple, Guy Meets Gal-Veston, You Don't Know Jacques.
Silver Shatter - I love this, I like the shatter effect but this one is my favourite because it has a shimmery finish to it so doesn't look flat like black shatter does. It is a softer version and much more summery and wearable. I think I need a backup bottle of this because I can see myself wearing it a lot as it will go with almost any colour and at any time of year. Imagine it in the winter too, lovely over navy or deep vampy reds, quite Christmassy looking. It goes so well with the colours in this kit too. Will be £10.50 - same as black shatter

L-R: You Don't Know Jacques w Silver Shatter,
Guy Meets Gal-Veston w Silver Shatter,
Houston We Have A Purple w Silver Shatter.
Original Nail Envy - This is one of my holy grail products, as far as I'm concerned, everybody should give this a go. My nails used to peel and break so easily but they don't anymore. They are in the best condition they've ever been and it is down to using this. I use two coats as my base (as per instructions) and then use my lacquer and top coat as normal. You are also supposed to use it every other day on top of your manicure but I don't bother because I change my nails so often so it gets changed when I put a new colour on. You can also use it as a top coat. This being the Original version, it has a glossy finish and looks lovely on bare nails, just giving them a clean, polished, well looked after look. (If you are someone who can't wear gloss or colour on your nails, check out the matte version!) Normally £18.55 full price.

Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go Pen - Another product I use all the time when painting my nails, except in the bottle form. I am nearly out so this was very welcome to me. I really like this pen style, so handy for putting in your bag and being able to use whenever if your cuticles are dry or if you forget to use it before you go out. Cuticle oil is another product that is essential in looking after your nails and I often forget to use it when I've not painted my nails so this will live in my bag so I can use it whenever I remember. It is easy to use, you just gently squeeze the tube so the oil comes to the built in brush and then brush straight onto the nails. It is good to use over your topcoat after painting too because it prevents smudges. Normally £9.60 full price.

So there you go, a very worthwhile set from QVC and OPI. The total set works out to £70.15 so at the TSV price it was a saving of £36.92 and the regular kit price saving is £30.70, pretty good I think. Everything is available individually so if there is only one or two things that take your fancy you can get them separately. Silver Shatter should be available in the UK soonish but I'm not sure of the official date.

- Jennifer

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