Sunday, 8 May 2011

Instyle Magazine June 2011 - Free Nails Inc Polish!

Hey all! Right, I haven't had time to swatch the Illamasqua polishes I promised you yesterday because I've been quite busy with other things but I will do them this week. I thought I'd bring you this today to replace it seeing as I think this issue of Instyle will fly off the shelves pretty quickly.

This isn't the first time Instyle have teamed up with Nails Inc to bring us some freebie colours, this is just the first time I have seen colours I have liked. There are three to collect if you fancy them all. Orange Candy is a bright orange, like the colour of a real orange. Electric Teal is a greeny ocean teal. Fashion Fawn is a light taupe sandy colour - I didn't purchase this one because I have colours in the same family and I just don't wear them enough to need another.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture the true colour of these in a swatch, the orange came out too bright, verging on neon weirdly and it just isn't. The teal came out far too blue but it is a gorgeous green teal and I actually didn't expect to love it but I so do. When you see them in the bottles, they do come out true to the bottle colour so you could just place it next to your skin to see how it would work.

These are the first Nails Inc polishes I've tried so I have no idea how they are formula wise normally but I thought they were pretty good. The teal was thicker than the orange which looked quite watery in the bottle but was fine in use. The teal covered perfectly in two coats, the orange looked good in two but I would have preferred a third because I could see my nail line faintly but if you have short nails and don't really get visible nail lines, two would be just right. The brushes were thin for my liking, I'm so used to OPI's wide brush that I always find thinner brushes difficult but that is just me. The bristles were all fine, none were splayed out. I haven't tested them for wear but regardless, for the price of the magazine, £3.70, I don't think you can go wrong. Of course if you are a regular reader of Instyle, unlike me who just bought the magazine for the freebies, you wont even be paying for the polish!

Like the colours? Get down to the shops before they are all gone!

- Jennifer

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  1. We never get cool stuff like this for free in the US. :(


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