Monday, 21 November 2011

I've got glasses

I work on computers all day and they take a strain on my eyes, I end up with headaches and sore eyes so I went for an eye test. Turns out, I am slightly long sighted and need glasses for concentration work - using the computer and reading. Specsavers do buy one get one free on a lot of their frames so I picked out two pairs. I went to pick them up today. I like them, I prefer one to the other so they will be my main pair. So far, I'm wearing them as I type this and they are giving me sore eyes but I'm hoping that is just due to me not being used to them yet and after a few days of wearing them they will get better.

What do you think?

These ones are from Jasper Conran.

These are by Missoni

Jennifer x


  1. Both pairs of glasses look great. The more you wear them the sooner you'll get used to them. You could even try wearing them all the time for a few weeks. This will get your eyes accustomed to looking at distances as well as close up with glasses on and you will find that you will be able to see across the room clearly when you look up from the computer etc.
    A friend of mine did this. She eventually found it more convenient to wear her glasses all the time.
    Hope that helps.


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