Saturday, 19 November 2011

MAC Posh Paradise Swatches

I totally forgot to review these products so I thought I would just post the swatches in case anyone still wanted to have a look. Some are still available in MAC's Goodbyes section and probably available on Debenhams/Selfridges/House of Fraser. I bought all of the Paint Pots from this collection and 4 of the Mattenes (I forgot to take swatches of the fourth, Rare Exotic). I simply love Paint Pots so that is why I got them all and I really enjoyed the Mattene formula but only some of the colours caught my eye.

Paint Pots

L-R: Pure Creation, Genuine Treasure, Idyllic, Imaginary, Nubile, Hyperviolet, Half-Wild, Treasure Hunt
Deliciously Forbidden, Naked Bliss, Delectable

Rare Exotic

My favourites: Deliciously Forbidden, Rare Exotic, Idyllic and Treasure Hunt.

Jennifer xx


  1. Oooh they're gorgeous colours you have in those paint pots! xx

  2. one of the best collection of this year!!!!! trasure hunt is my favourite too.. but I also really love Delectable mattene *_____*


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