Sunday, 23 January 2011

Dye Day!

I'd never dyed my hair before... that was until yesterday! I'd always been cautious because it would mean changing my shampoo and possibly bleaching my almost black hair and I didn't really want to do either of those. Last week I went for a haircut and my hairdresser talked to me about hair colours. She was really excited at the prospect of dying my hair for the first time and whipped out the colour chart. There was one colour which I really liked, it was a purply red called colour 666 (lol). After talking through how it could be done, we settled on slices of colour underneath the top layer of my hair so it would flash through as my hair moved. That way, it wouldn't be too much of a shock as it was my first time dying it and I could always go for something more the next time. She also told me that bleaching wasn't needed so that was great because I didn't want the red to fade to orange, instead it would just fade towards my natural colour.

Yesterday I went back to my hairdressers. I was excited but a bit nervous because I was worried it wouldn't take properly or it would turn orange or I'd look stupid. I'm sat in the chair, waiting for my hairdresser while she is mixing the dye, still worrying but trying to be rational, 'trust the woman, she is the hairdresser, she does this everyday and knows what she is doing'. She comes back and a couple of minutes later, she has put the foil under my hair and is painting the dye on. Instead of being worried anymore, I was amazed at how she folded the foil around my hair haha.

I think the dye was on  for about 1 hour, probably less but it felt like that. A lady next to me was having her eyebrows done and got taken downstairs to the beauty area and I then remembered that I'd wanted to get mine done at some point... because they were basically a mess and I'm far too lazy to do much about them. So as I was already there, I asked if I could have mine done while I waited.

When the beautician was done with the previous lady, she grabbed my hand and took me downstairs (she was also excited because I'd never had my eyebrows done professionally!) I laid on this table thing and she told me that I only needed them tiding up. I was told to close my eyes and I felt this warm liquidy stuff being put on me... WAX ARGH! I forgot about that bit and remembered the first time I tried to wax my legs and why it was also the last time. It actually wasn't even bad, I hardly felt anything when she pulled the strip off. When she started tweezering, that felt much worse. Once she was done, I sat up and wiped my watery eyes, looked in the mirror. It was worth it. I think they look perfect :D

Then it was time to have my hair washed and blow dried. My hairdresser is fantastic at blowdrying, my hair looked like it had been straightened and styled all in one. The colour unfortunately, while it is nice, isn't the purply red I'd hoped for. It is more of a copper and doesn't really show up in natural light. My hairdresser said she would go over it in a couple of days with another colour to get it brighter (she had told me it might not take as well as it could because it was the first time dying it). I'm having that done - hopefully - on Wednesday so I look forward to it.

Meanwhile, here is what it looks like at the moment and a picture of my eyebrows.

This is what it looks like with camera flash.

I've clipped the top layer of my hair up here to show the slices off underneath.
I quite like my hair worn like this actually.

I love my newly shaped eyebrows, they look fuller and I wont need to fill them in as much.
My skin is still a bit blotchy here from the waxing.
- Jennifer

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