Thursday, 13 January 2011

MAC Mickey Contractor Athma Eyeshadow Quad Review

The Mickey Contractor collection is another new collection from MAC which was created with Indian skintones in mind. Mickey Contractor is MAC's Director for Makeup Artistry for India. He has designed the products in this collection using his expersise as a makeup artist for the formulas and also through finding out what Indian women want. Bollywood was a bit inspiration to him, makeup for these films is all about glamour and dramatic yet beautiful eyes and sculpted features. The products are supposed to hold up against the heat of Bollywood film sets and perform well for the cameras. In addition to the new foundation colours formulated for Indian/Asian skintones, there is a gorgeous colour part to this collection which practicly anyone can wear, no matter what your skintone. He has created his own shades and also incorporated some Permanent colours and his favourite brushes into this collection, all to help you create your perfect Bollywood inspired looks... or anything else you want to use them for!

First up is the Athma Eyeshadow Quad. Pretty much all of the products have Hindi names, I'm not Indian but after a search, Athma apparently means Soul.

The quad is made up 2 new colours and 2 permanent colours:
Jaan (Life): Sparkly peach. It is a Lustre finish and is a new and limited edition colour for this collection.
Folie: Reddish dark brown. It is a Satin finish and is a permanent shade.
Vivah (Marriage): Is a gorgeous medium brown with gold shimmer, seems like more than 1 shade of shimmer. It is a Lustre dinish and is a new and limited edition shade for this collection.
Carbon: Black, but not pure black. There are much darker blacks out there but it is nice to use to make shades darker. It swatched awfully but it works much nicer than it looks. It is a Matte finish and is a permanent shade.

The quad retails at £33 which I think is quite a good price, cheaper than buying 4 eyeshadows separately although if you have the permanent shades you might not think it has such good value. They are full size eyeshadows so no scrimping here. Lustre shades tend to have fallout issues so a stickier base would be best - possibly Water Based Mixing Medium (£13) if you can get hold of it from a Pro store or Mail Order via the phone. It would probably be best to do your eye makeup first before your foundation in case any glitter falls under your eyes and onto your cheeks and then you can sweep it away before applying foundation. Also patting them on works best, you don't lose the glitter as much and it actually sticks to your base rather than being swept away on your brush, you could also try a damp brush to help (or again the mixing medium straight onto the brush).

The shades themselves are lovely, they are on the neutral side and very wearable. I really like this quad, I think I like it more than the Caviar Dreams quad from Cham-Pale too, just because these colours are a bit more everyday for me.

My swatch photos aren't great but you get the jist of them, the colours are actually a touch lighter than shown here. The brown is less red but the bad lighting in my house seemed to pull the red out more.

Top: Jaan, Folie. Bottom: Vivah, Carbon

L-R: Jaan, Folie, Vivah, Carbon

Swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion. L-R: Jaan, Folie, Vivah, Carbon
 - Jennifer

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