Thursday, 13 January 2011

MAC Mickey Contractor Blusher and Mehr Lipstick Review

There are two blushers in the Mickey Contractor collection - Sur (dirty rose) and Gana (bright white gold). Both colours are new and limited edition for this collection.

Sur is a lovely dirty rose colour which looks a bit dark in the pan but actually looks very natural when applied. It gives a nice bit of colour without being too overpowering or obvious, a gentle flush. I think because it has the brown in the pink, it would work with a lot of different colours without clashing. I wore it with Oomph today without clashing whereas usually if I wear a too pink blusher, I end up looking like a painted doll. It is a Satin finish so has very subtle shimmer in it, barely noticeable but helps to give a bit of a glow to your skin, really nice. If using it on a light skintone, it would probably be a good idea to load your brush with minimal colour. The formula is very soft and just a touch on the surface is plenty so light skin may find it too much. I'd advise building the colour to your liking rather than shoving the brush in and then finding it is too much. Darker skintones might find it doesn't show much however.

Gana in my point of view isn't even a blusher, it is a highlighter. It is faaaar too light to use as a blusher, even on light skin, I can't see it working and I don't think it is supposed to. I actually didn't even order this shade but MAC sent it to me by mistake. Good job they did really because it is lovely. It is comparable to Chez Chez Lame from Cham-Pale but it is more of a neutral gold. I actually think this works much better than either of the Special Reserve Highlighting Powders. It is so smooth and pigmented, it applies beautifully. The highlighting powders seem a bit grainy in comparision even though they aren't - that is how smooth Gana is! I actually find it easier to use than the Special Reserves due to it being flat in the pan, the pattern in the others makes it more difficult for the brush to pick up the colour. I also don't want to ruin the pretty pattern in them, silly I know but hey!

Left: Sur, Right: Gana

L-R: Sur sheered, Sur, Gana sheered, Gana

The lipsticks in this collection are very pretty. Yash (deep neutral - Matte), Mehr (dirty blue pink - Matte), Gulabi (bright fuchsia - Amplified) , Mocha (Peachy Brown - Satin - Permanent). I chose Mehr, which is a lovely natural pink colour - very similar to my natural lip colour. It swatches a bit darker than when applied, may be due to the pink in my lips coming through although it is very opaque once applied. It is a matte finish which can be drying. My lips do get quite dry so I did find it slightly uncomfortable to wear but I didn't put any lipbalm underneath because I wanted to test it for what it was. Next time I use it I will be applying lipbalm and maybe a clear gloss on top if it is still a little dry. Transfer was minimal which I was impressed with, similar to satin finish lipsticks. I do wish this was a satin as my lips prefer those and I like the look of them more but nevermind. I don't have a swatch of it applied to my lips because my camera decided to throw a fit and the lense kept repeatedly zooming in and out, refusing to focus and I gave up.

- Jennifer

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