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MAC Cham-Pale Caviar Dreams Quad and Feline Review

As soon as I read about the quad in this collection I was interested, and then I was it and decided I must have it. I had wanted to get Brule for a while after seeing other bloggers talk about it but held off when I saw it was in the Caviar Dreams Quad. The other colours seemed really pretty and wearable for everyday or evening. It cost £33 which I though was really good value as MAC shadows usually retail at £11 each or £9 each if just buying the pan with no compact (prices before VAT increase).

The Quad contains:
Brule - neutral beige with a very faint shimmer. It is a satin finish and would be nice as an all over base colour or as a highlight. On darker skin tones, this may look a bit ashey. It is a permanent colour.
Retrospeck - soft gold with gold shimmer particles. It is a lustre finish so you may get some fallout with it so a stickier base would be best. It is a permanent colour.
Et tu, Bouquet? - pale pink with a frosted sheen. It is a frost finish and a repromoted colour from A Rose Romance.
Caviar Dreams - cool grey brown with shimmer particles. It is also a lustre finish so again, fallout could occur so a stickier base would be better. It is a limited edition colour for this collection.

I'm not normally a fan of shimmery colours but I thought I'd give this a go. I've used some Urban Decay colours with a shimmer/glitter finish and I often end up with fallout all over my face. These don't seem to be like that. I would recommend using a sticky base to try to adhere the shimmer in these, just in case. If you can get to a Pro store or order over the phone, water based mixing medium would be a good choice. It also helps to bring out the intensity of these colours as they aren't as bright swatched as they are in the pan. I'm also not usually a fan of pink eyeshadow but don't tend to mind paler shades. I do love Et tu, Bouquet? though. These colours work brilliantly over the Paint Pots too. Alone they are pretty, but over the Paint Pots, they are stunning.

Photos and Swatches...

Top: Brule, Retrospeck, Bottom: Et tu, Bouquet?, Caviar Dreams

L-R: Brule, Retrospeck,  Et tu, Bouquet?, Caviar Dreams

Paint Pots used as a base L-R: Chilled On Ice & Brule, Let Me Pop & Retrospeck,
Vintage Selection & Et tu, Bouquet?, Dangerous Cuvee & Caviar Dreams
 Feline is one of those products that MAC fans rave about and obviously I was intrieged so after reading some reviews I decided to try it. It doesn't look all that exciting but it actually is a really nice product. It is a dark black kohl pencil which is very soft and creamy and very intense. I have found that some black pencil eyeliners aren't actually that black and more of a charcoal but Feline is BLACK.

In my last post, I mentioned that I was yet to find something which would stay on my waterline... well having got my Feline pencil yesterday from my lovely boyfriend who picked it up in store for me, I tried it today and after a few hours I am amazed to see it still there! It isn't as dark as it was when applied but it has managed to stay enough to please me. It doesn't pull when applying, just glides straight on. Usually I have to make a bit of a faff when trying to line my waterline and it is a pointless effort because it just disappears within about 20 minutes. That is something else that is great about Feline, it is waterproof! I've never owned a pencil liner that was waterproof before so fully expected to be able to wash the swatch off my arm with ease but I had to really rub it off with soapy water to remove it.

Feline is easy to smudge if you want to create a smokey eye look but that also means that it can smudge easily during wear when you didn't want it to. I am prone to eyeliner smudge for some reason so other people might find it fine to wear but if your liner does tend to smudge a bit, this will so I would advise to set it with a powder eyeshadow to prevent it from happening. I am going to try setting it on my waterline next time I apply it to see if that helps keep it stronger too.

Feline & Feline sheered out.
- Jennifer

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