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MAC Cham-Pale Paint Pots Review

Another one of the new collections that MAC has brought out recently is Cham-Pale. This collection is full of pale, shimmery and frosty colours to reflect the theme of champagne. It is made up of Paint Pots, an eyeshadow quad, nail laquers, kohl pencils, highlighting powders, lip products and a range of skin care.

I picked up the Paint Pots because I thought they were lovely colours and a nice change from the limited range of colours that are in the permanent line. I definately think that they should be made permanent or that MAC hopefully decide to bring out more this year in upcoming collections - so fingers crossed. When the press information came out for Cham-Pale, I was interested in the Paint Pots but had never used them before. Having read lots of comments from excited MAC fans I decided to purchase Bare Study to try out before taking the plunge in this collection. I loved it so was excited for these new colours.

Paint Pots are fantastic products, they are versitile too. You can use them alone as a cream eyeshadow which doesn't usually crease (I have read that some people have had the problem but personally it doesn't occur) or you can use them as eyeshadow bases by applying them with a brush or your finger - my preference - and then applying the eyeshadow over the top with a brush. Using them this way can create many new effects to your eyeshadow, as well as holding your shadow in place like primer would. A coloured Paint Pot base shows through the eyeshadow on top so you can change the colour or add shimmer to a matte colour or make the colour really strong. The best thing to do is just play around and see what you can create with them.

The Paint Pots in this collection are in similar colours to those in the quad so if you wanted to use them as an eyeshadow base these would be the perfect choice. The colours are:
Chilled On Ice - Frosted pale gold
Let Me Pop - Frosted copper
Vintage Collection - Pale frosted pink beige
Dangerous Cuvee - Frosted blue grey

The colours are gorgeous, they wear well and are water resistant. They do dry down so shouldn't budge after application but if you have very oily eyelids you may find they do and therefore it might be best to try them with eyeshadow on top to help 'set' them. All are shimmery but I wouldn't say were glittery and you wont get any fallout like a power eyeshadow might. They aren't opaque but you can build the colour up or sheer it out to wear alone.

On to the photos!

L-R: Chilled On Ice, Let Me Pop, Vintage Selection, Dangerous Cuvee

L-R: Chilled On Ice, Let Me Pop, Vintage Selection, Dangerous Cuvee

L-R: Chilled On Ice, Let Me Pop, Vintage Selection, Dangerous Cuvee
I think these colours could be worn by most skin tones, definately Chilled On Ice as I can imagine it looking pretty on pale skin and also black skin. This photo doesn't really do the colours justice, they are far prettier in the flesh but the colours are accurate.

My favourite colour is Dangerous Curvee, I almost left Chilled On Ice as I have Bare Study and thought they would be similar. I am so glad I got it though because although they are both pale, nude sorts of colours, they are actually quite different. Chilled On Ice is gold toned and Bare Study is like a really pale pink beige and it doesn't have the same frosty finish, it is more of a shimmer. Hopefully this comparison photo shows this well enough.

Left: Bare Study, Right: Chilled On Ice
If you are into pale or frosty colours, these would be great for you. If not, you might want to skip these. Overall I think these are fantastic and definately something I would reach for a lot, especially if I was feeling lazy and just wanted a wash of colour across my lids.

- Jennifer

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  1. I picked up a pot tooooo xP
    Plus i think that one is the nicest as well, good taste i think


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