Thursday, 3 February 2011

Leighton Denny QVC Today's Special Value

I do like Leighton Denny's products and yet I hardly ever see them reviewed by bloggers and wonder why. Of the ones I've seen, bloggers complain that they chip and don't last. I don't understand that, I've worn Leighton Denny's colours for over a week and only had slight tip wear and then on say the 8-9th day they've chipped. That suits me perfectly, I'm easily bored so often end up changing my colour before that anyway but when I've gone to stay with the boyfriend and worn Leighton's colours they have worn fine.

Those who aren't familiar with QVC, they offer a Today's Special Value (TSV) every day which is a special product which they sell for a bargain price or a great group of products which can often be exclusive with a nice saving.

I bought the last Leighton Denny TSV and was very impressed with it so I decided to go for this one too. I also needed a bit of cheering up after an awful week and for this special price, I couldn't resist.

This kit is called the Leighton Denny 7 Piece Desireables Collection with Accessories and the QVC price is £29.98 plus £4.95 P&P (if you order more than 1 set, you only pay 1 set of P&P but if you order another product with it, you will have to pay P&P for that too). This is a fantastic price, even with the P&P which is quite high. The kit comes in a lovely limited edition silver presentation box (usually they are white) which you can store your kit in or use for something else or would be great for giving as a gift. On Leighton Denny's website, his nail polishes retail for £11 each, yes, more than OPI and China Glaze in the UK! As you can see, there is a massive saving to be made with this kit.

The kit contains:
5 nail colours 12ml each - Supermodel (creamy mink - a QVC presenter favourite), Lollypop (watermelon pink), Indulgence (deep creamy red - from the Autumn 2010 collection), Berry Nice (deep berry - Spring 2011 Gelato collection) and Leading Lilac (shimmery lilac - Spring 2011 Gelato collection).
Miracle Drops 12ml (RRP £9) - quick dry drops to speed up drying time of your manicure.
Cuti Lips 10ml (RRP £6.74 for pot version) - dual action conditioning treatment for cuticles and lips (new tube packaging).
Demi Trio Buffer (RRP £4.50 for full size version) - a small version of Leighton's regular Trio Buffer to smooth ridges and buff nails to a glass like finish.
Uno File (RRP £3.25 for two)- a double sided file with a fine grit  for shaping nails.
Hoof Stick (RRP £1.10) - a cuticle pusher to help keep cuticles neat and tidy - can be used with cuti lips as a full cuticle treatment.

All together, this kit is worth over £75 and you get a nice box to go with it whilst you only pay £34.93 from QVC for the lot. See, I told you it was a bargain! Also bare in mind that QVC have a fantastic returns policy - 30 day money back guarantee EVEN AFTER TESTING! Yep, if you are dissatisfied with anything and you even used the kit, changing your nails every day until you sent it back they will still refund you. I doubt I will be sending mine back though because the colours are gorgeous. Also, the two spring colours aren't available yet even on his own website and Leading Lilac is only available in this kit until it's proper release.

If you are unsure about anything and want to see the colours on the nails, either check out QVC on the hour for the TSV showing with Leighton himself presenting the kit (plus lots of other lovely things) it is available at this price all today until 23.59 tonight and you can order via their website or over the phone.

I will do a review when mine arrives. If you would like reviews on any other Leighton Denny products (I have a few colours in various kits), let me know in the comments and I will see if I have it to help you.

- Jennifer

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