Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Hair update!

I wasn't able to get my hair dye topped up last Wednesday so I had to rebook an appointment for this afternoon. I've been itching to get it redone because the colour just wasn't what I wanted. It was sort of a coppery brown and barely noticeable. You can see it here. I went in today and my hairdresser joked how she doubted many people noticed it - which they didn't. She assured me that this time they would with this brighter dye she had picked out for me. Aparrently I wasn't the only one to end up with faint colour from the same dye and they had complained to the manufacturer about it not taking properly so it was probably a faulty batch.

Anyway, she came out with the new colour mixed up which was definately red! I didn't have it on for as long as last time but she did put a couple more foils in this time. After checking a few times she decided it was time to take it off before it got too bright and I ended up like a postbox. She washed it out and I could definately see it and after drying it was even better. I love it, it is the perfect brightness too. It isn't the purply red I had wanted to start with but I really like it anyway. Here are some photos.

The colour underneath shows more when I've put my hair up.
- Jennifer

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