Friday, 25 February 2011

MAC Peacocky Mega Metal Eyeshadows Review

Odalisque, Ego, Dalliance, Centre Stage, Sex-pectations, Unflappable
I'm sorry I've taken so long to put this review up. Hopefully if this review makes you want to get any of the colours, they are still available. I purchased six of the colours, they all looked incredibly pigmented and the texture looked gorgeous so I had high expectations of them. The definitely live up to it, they are stunning in the flesh and wear beautifully.
The shades I picked up were:
Odalisque - Turquoise/teal
Ego - Forest Green
Dalliance - Champagne with what looks to me as a bit of golden green
Centre Stage - Chocolate Brown
Sex-pectations - Cranberry
Unflappable - Black/grey with purple tones.

Odalisque, Ego and Dalliance are colours that I often get drawn to, I liked the purply black/grey of Unflappable and thought it would look fantastic with a smokey eye. The other two, Centre Stage and
Sex-pectations are colours that I wouldn't usually go for - browns just don't tend to pull me in and I'm not usually a fan of redish colours. However, Temptalia did a look using these along with Dalliance and it looked beautiful so they were added to my list. I have since recreated it a few times and really love it.

Read on for my review!

Mega Metal eyeshadows are so buttery in texture, so pigmented and definitely a product MAC should make permanent and expand the shade range. The are expensive at £15.50 but you do get a lot more product than normal eyeshadows, they are over double the size. None of the eyeshadows are disappointing. A lot of the time, MAC bring out a collection where some products are fantastic and others leave a lot to be desired. These are all equal to each other which is great to see. The colours are very easy to work with, blending together effortlessly.

The actual formula of the eyeshadows isn't as metallic as the name seems to claim. Dalliance is the most metallic looking and Unflappable looks to be more of a shimmer but having said that, they are still all incredibly pigmented and lovely. According to Temptalia, they can also be foiled (used wet) without creating any water marks in the shadow. You could of course pick up the shadow on the brush and mix it with some mixing medium to get the same effect or to use as a liquid liner. The swatches are the eyeshadows alone, no primer was used.
Centre Stage
L-R: Odalisque, Ego, Dalliance, Sex-pectations, Centre Stage, Unflappable
Anyone else pick these up? What did you think?

- Jennifer

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