Thursday, 10 May 2012

April Favourites

I haven't done a monthly favourites post in a while now so it is about time that I did one. These are the products I've been using a lot during April - a bit of a neutral and coral theme running through it.

1. Illamasqua Cream Blush - Lies
This is a very light frosty pink shade which is really a highlighter. It is a lovely colour and works really nicely. I dab it on with my finger and blend it out across my cheek bones. I've been really liking highlighting recently, it makes my skin so glowy. I find that this blush lasts pretty much all day for me but I do have dry skin so if you are oily then it might not last as well on you.

2. Illamasqua Brow Cake - Thunder
I think I've found a really good product and colour for my brows, I love using this. You can see the area that I've been using the sealing gel on, this way I can still use the product dry from other areas. I've even used this as an eye shadow to deepen the crease.

3. Illamasqua Sealing Gel
I've been using this with my brow cake. I first used the brow cake dry and liked it then decided to try the gel and it makes a much crisper brow and makes it last all day. It can also be used in the eye liner cakes.

4. Topshop Blush - Head Over Heels
I LOVE the Topshop blushers. They are creams but they set to more of a powder finish without looking like powder. They give a glow to the skin and just look really nice. They can be subtle or built up for a more dramatic effect. I have most of the colours in the range and hope they bring more out in the future.

5. MAC Eye shadows - (clockwise from top) All That Glitters, Naked Lunch, Amber Lights
I've been quite neutral on my eyes recently. I've been loving these colours, they are very flattering and can be worn with any other makeup without worrying if it will match.

6. 17 Wild Curls Mascara
I've been using this every day. I did a review about it for Liloo at Le Petit Jardin de Liloo here.

7. MAC Lipsticks - Jazzed (top), Ever Hip (bottom)
Coral is one of my favourite colours to wear on my lips. Jazzed was my first MAC lipstick so it holds a special place in my heart and I hope they repromote it one day. They are quite similar but Jazzed has more of an orangey tone whilst Ever Hip is more pink. My pictures don't really show the difference accurately, it is more obvious on the lips.
Left column - Illamasqua Brow Cake Thunder
Middle column top to bottom - MAC Amber Lights, MAC All That Glitters, MAC Naked Lunch,
Topshop Head Over Heels, Illamasqua Lies
Right column top to bottom - MAC Ever Hip, MAC Jazzed
Jennifer xx

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