Wednesday, 16 May 2012

MAC Hey Sailor! Fleet Fast Blush Review and Swatches

After binging out on all of the Tres Cheek blushers (if anyone wants a review on any of them, leave me a comment and I will get one up for you) I intended not to buy any of the blushers from Hey Sailor... that didn't work though haha. I bought Fleet Fast and it is such a perfect natural colour on my skin. I simply love it.

My new love with MAC's blushers is their satin finish which has been in the latest blush offerings. They are perfection in a pan, I honestly can't rave about them any more. I've always been a bit wary of matte blushers on my dry skin and I usually prefer a bit of shimmer. The satin finishes that MAC have come out with recently have just looked so flawless on everyone's skin that I've seen them on and I know that a lot of people are really chuffed with them. They give such a natural finish which doesn't look completely matte, instead giving skin a slight sheen which actually looks just how skin should - not caked in makeup.

Fleet Fast has some fine gold shimmer in it which is quite subtle on the skin - you can see it but it is far from being a glitter bomb on your face. It is very flattering. I adore the colour too. It doesn't seem all that unique but the formulation is what makes it a must have for me. The shade is somewhere between pink and coral but with an earthiness to it. It gives my cheeks a natural flush which also appears like I've been in the sun, I love it.

It also has really good staying power, lasting almost all day on my skin - bearing in mind that I have dry skin so it might not work as well on normal to oily skin types.

So if I can recommend that you try something from this collection, this would be one of my top picks.

Jennifer xx


  1. you have dry skin too!! My skin used to be oily but it's become very, very, dry these past few months - do you think you could do a post on your top products (skincare/foundation) for dry skin? <3

    1. Skincare is something I'm still working on but sure, I will get a post on what I'm using at the moment up in a couple of weeks when I come back from my holiday. But for now, if you need any suggestions, get a dewy foundation - something that says moisture on it will be good. As you had oily skin before, you might want to remove any products from your routine that are oil free or striping in any way as it will just make dry skin worse. I don't always powder my face after foundation but when I do, a finely milled powder is best as it wont catch on the dry patches. You could try moisture masks too. Also look at your diet changes and or health/medication and stressful changes as they can effect your skin.


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