Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Candeo Colors - Jellybean

I am loving these indie nail polish brands at the moment. They have made such amazing and unique creations. Today I have a polish from Candeo Colors called Jellybean.

This is an amazing and unique nail polish. How many of you have seen anything else like it? It is made up of some smaller glitter in shades of lime green and pink with larger hexagonal pink turquoise and purple glitters. All of these are suspended in a pastel yellow base. It is just perfect for Spring time. It reminds me of Easter actually although it is fine to wear it during any time you want. It doesn't remind me much of jellybeans as I think of much brighter colours but it does look like the speckled varieties that you can get.

The formula is brilliant. The glitter is suspended really nicely so it isn't a struggle to apply it. I'm wearing two coats in the pictures which achieved full coverage, no base colour needed which I love. I really like the labels too, the chameleon is really sweet.

More photos of it below...

I hope you can see all of the different shades of glitter in the bottle, the teeny green ones seem to be floating around the top of this photo.
Jellybean costs $8 and is available at the Candeo Colors Etsy store. Everything is out of stock at the moment but there should be a reopening in 2-3 weeks. The other colours are beautiful too and I will be showing some more in the future. International shipping outside of the U.S is offered and the price depends on how much you order.

Jennifer xx

P.S. What you you think of my super close up macro shots? I've been borrowing my Mum's Macro lens. I really want my own one because I love using it, the photos are so clear and it gets so close. Unfortunately, the price of it has skyrocketed since she bought hers at around £350 and it now costs almost £600! Yeah... I don't think I will be getting one at any time soon so will stick to using hers.

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