Monday, 7 May 2012

MAC Hey Sailor! Eye Shadows Review & Swatches

I was pretty excited about MAC's Summer collection, which I have liked for the past couple of years too. This one is nautical themed and I love that. There are some beautiful pieces in this collection and there should be something suitable for all skin tones - there are neutrals, brights and bronzers plus a couple of navy blues which could be used for smokey makeup. There are different textures from mattes, frosts and shimmers and also some true Summer products such as the Sun Tints, Body Oil and Zoom Waterfast mascara if you're by the pool on holiday. There are also some longwear products which may help makeup last in the hot and humid Summer months.

L-R: Feeling Fresh, Jaunty, Barefoot

I picked up three eye shadows, Jaunty (light yellow beige, frost finish), Barefoot (tarnished gold, veluxe pearl finish) and Feeling Fresh (bright green, frost finish). All are such great colours with excellent payoff and I recommend them all. Jaunty and Barefoot have a smoother texture, in fact Jaunty feels like it is also a veluxe pearl as it is so smooth. Feeling Fresh is a little grittier as it has some sparkle in it - the sparkle is not chunky though so don't worry, it wont be dropping all over your face and it applies very evenly and smoothly.

Special Outer packaging
Special Outer packaging
Feeling Fresh
L-R: Barefoot, Jaunty, Feeling Fresh
I love these and can see myself using them a lot, especially Barefoot and Jaunty as they are such wearable every day shades. Jaunty is the perfect wash of colour whilst still being neutral and soft.

Jennifer xx


  1. great swatches! Jaunty is really a lovely color, but no eyeshadows for me this time! Now I go write my own review ^^

  2. REALLY want Feeling Fresh :) I love greens.


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