Wednesday, 16 May 2012

MAC Hey Sailor! Au Rose Suntint Review and Swatches

Suntints are products that MAC tend to put out with Summer collections, there were some with last years Surf Baby collection but I skipped them due to lack of pigmentation. This year, 3 new shades are available and I chose Au Rose which was the most pigmented of the three.

Some days I just want a subtle colour on my lips which will also moisturise so tend to go for balm which has a little bit of a tint in it. Au Rose is a pretty pink coral with gold shimmer and would be flattering on all skin tones. The amount of colour that shows depends on your natural lip colour. My lips are quite pink naturally so I don't get much colour added to them, Au Rose just makes them look healthy and glossy with pretty gold shimmer. I really like it and have been wearing it for the past couple of days.

It is really comfortable on my lips, it isn't overly sticky like a gloss but does have some tackiness. I've not had my hair flying into it though. It lasts pretty well on me even through eating and drinking, a good few hours later it is still hanging around and the shimmer lasts longer than the balm. It is not the most moisturising balm but while it is on my lips it provides enough protection to not let them dry out. My lips are very dry so most balms aren't enough to deal with them.

The Suntints also have the added bonus of SPF 20 which is great for the Summer (if it ever stops raining in the UK!). Using a balm with an SPF in it will ensure that your lips are protected through the heat. They are also very easy to apply, simply by squeezing the tube and out it pops from the plastic applicator. I love how they are fuss free so no need to dip fingers or brushes into a pot and you can clean the applicator when needed.

Jennifer xx


  1. I got the same one as you:) I was hesitant buying it as I was afraid it would be just an overpriced sticky lipbalm but I love the formula of it. Hopefully the sun will shine soon and give the spf in it some use haha. x


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