Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Illamasqua Throb Collection Review

Ugh, this has taken me forever to get up here but the collection is still available so at least you can still get them if there is anything you fancy. The only thing I didn't get was Scorn (matte black) as I just didn't fancy it.

First up, the nail polishes in Throb and Load.

L-R: Load, Throb
Load on index and middle fingers and Throb on ring and pinkie fingers
Both of these polishes are a cream finish, they have a nice texture for application and go on very smoothly. Load however is a little streaky and required a third coat to even it out, Throb only needed two coats (this is how I always paint my nails) but you could get away with one coat if you didn't have time for the second. I do recommend that you do two though to get the true depth of colour. The brush on these is nice, it isn't a wide brush like OPI but it is a decent length and applies the lacquer well. The bottles have a square cap but that comes off revealing a round cap underneath if you find it hard to use the square one.

Next is the lipstick in Sangers.

I really like this lipstick, it is a true red but seems to be slightly orange against my warm toned skin. It is a colour which should work for everyone which is nice to see. It is very pigmented and applies so well. I especially like the shape of the lipstick as it makes it easier to get my cupid bow perfect as it fits just right and it has a large surface area so I find it easy to sweep along my bottom lip. Obviously this shape wont stay there forever but it is nice while it does. I certainly think the shape of the product is better than MAC for application on my lips. I haven't worn this out yet but it does feel very comfortable on my lips which are actually very dry. I wouldn't say it was moisturising but it doesn't make them dry at all. I feels like it is staying in place - if you are familar with MAC's lustre or creamsheen finish lipsticks, they tend to feel like they move a bit if you press your lips together - this stays still but still gives slip to remain comfortable. It doesn't taste of anything to me but I do smell a hint of sweetness but not when it is on. I really like the black packaging of Illamasqua's products. I think they are very sleek looking and I like the 'knocked off' corners and slightly concave sides.

Finally Succubus Intense Lipgloss.

This is another true red product but again seems slightly more orange based on my skin tone. Illamasqua's intense lipglosses are supposed to be strongly pigmented and give true colour to the tube, however, this one seems sheerer than other shades I have seen. I also find it difficult to apply evenly - this may just be me though because I have seen other photos of it looking really good. I'd say use a brush with it because I personally hate the applicator. I find it clumsy and difficult to squeeze the right amount from the tube and get it on my lips evenly. I rather doe foot or brush applicators. I wore this out on Valentines Day for lunch with the boyfriend. I ate spaghetti and it was barely there when I had finished, with just a little around the edges and smudged bits around my mouth... in all fairness though, I had chosen a rather messy meal! It is very comfortable on and not incredibly sticky. For me however, this would be more of a layering product due to how I find application. I'd also say a liner may be needed in case of feathering, a matching red or a clear waxy liner would be perfect.

Lip product swatches...
L-R: Succubus Intense Lip Gloss, Sangers Lipstick
Sangers with Succubus layered on top
So, anything here catch your eye? I hope my lip swatches are better here!

- Jennifer

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  1. Oh the lipstick and gloss look gorgeous on you! If I didn't have so many reds I think I would be after this!


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